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Ladyship Essence Extractor Blender LS-658 + CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS PACK

CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS with Vitality Hero and Ladyship!

For a limited time, you get:

- Vitality Hero Personal Nutritional Profile

- Ladyship LS-658 Essence Extractor

- Ready, Steady Gut Health by Peter and Martine Dingle.


VALUE OF OVER $508.95, currently our Celebrate Christmas deal means the total cost is only $359.95! (You save over $150!)

Offer only available until the 20th December 2020.



The perfect blender for blending, juicing, milling, chopping, and extracting just about anything... 

For the everyday use in the kitchen or for the health conscious, this is the best value machine on the market that anyone can buy.

The best and only machine in the world to make almond milk and other plant based milks with out the need for a nut milk bag... SIMPLY BRILLIANT! The Lady Ship Blender will save you time and is super convenient with easy to wash / rinse parts that make every day use simple.