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Vitality Hero Holistic Bodybuilding Competition Prep OPTION 1

Prepare for your upcoming Body Building Competition with World Champion, Michelle Nazaroff, owner of Vitality Hero.

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Option 1 includes:

  • 60-minute Initial Consultation including skin folds & progress pictures
  • Nutrition Plan updated every 4 weeks
  • Training Program updated every 4 weeks - includes 60-minute one-on-one training program support in the gym at Gold's Gym Kennedy Park, to ensure proper form & tempo.
  • Check-ins fortnightly, 15 mins by Phone or Email with Coach Michelle Nazaroff
  • Monthly Holistic Bodybuilding Seminar, Group Posing Instruction & Progress Checks
  • Plus many extras leading into your next competition including Peak Week Nutrition Protocol, Peak Week Training Protocol, and Backstage Help

Weekly Payment, minimum 12 weeks: $116/week

Fortnightly Payment, minimum 12 weeks: $230/fortnightly

Monthly Payment (SAVE 5%), minimum 12 weeks: $440/month

Upfront Payment (SAVE 10%), minimum 12 weeks: $1249

To set up weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments, we will need you to subscribe to the relevant Paypal subscription, please contact us, for more information and we will provide you with the links to facilitate this. Afterpay is available above.