Beyond The Scale 4 Week Kick-Start

An age defying online strength, nutrition and wellness 4 week kick-start. A private mentoring and accountability program specifically designed for hard working women over 40. This 4-week kick start is specifically designed to take into account the unique needs and challenges that arise with age and is focused on improving your body composition, strength, energy and overall wellness.

What you can expect

With Beyond The Scale, you can work towards finally achieving the body of your dreams in mid-life and feel amazing both inside and out. The benefits of this program are combined with a personal intake of you submitting your starting photos, and goals and a powerful progress report will be sent upon completion of the kick start to show you how far you've come.

This program delivered exclusively online includes:

  • 4 weeks of muscle focused, revitalising training programs for both the gym/home.
  • 4 weeks of fat burning cardio vascular recommendations for both gym or home.   
  • 4 weeks of 24/7 access to mobile phone training app with videos of all exercises
  • 4 weeks of fat loss nutrition strategies, with nutritious recipes and a suite of printable resources.                                       
  • 4 weeks of inspiration, motivation and education in private mentoring group.
  • 4 week accountability challenge with printable resources. 
  • Michelle Nazaroff will personally coach and connect with you through weekly live interactive question and answer sessions, cooking demonstrations, live training sessions all in the private mentoring group. 
  • Luxury Detox Support Tool Kit